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Mycocyte Research products have been the choice of clinical professionals, Pro Athletes, and people like you. Our time-tested topical muscle balms have been used by thousands to help ease discomfort from arthritis ,muscle, joint and back aches. With our 4 different formulas, you will find a product that is right for you and your needs. All of Myocyte Research performance balms come in a 2 oz twist-up tube. It is easy to use when you need to apply a little or a lot without getting your hands messy. Our balms are all-natural without any artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, GMOs, synthetics, harsh ingredients or NSAIDs.

Myocyte Research only uses the purest grade of all-natural ingredients that are sourced both locally and from around the globe. Each ingredient is tested by a third-party labratory and certified to be pure.

At Myocyte we hold our manufacturing procedures to the highest standards against contamination during all stages of process. We carefully receive, quarantine, inventory, store, and process all ingredients to avoid any alterations caused by exposure from contaminants. By doing this, you, the customer, receives the highest and purest product that Myocyte Research can deliver.

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