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Myocyte Research Story
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Our Story

Mycocyte Research was founded in 2000 in the foothills of the rocky mountain in American Fork Utah. In humble beginnings, Myocyte started formulations and production of its muscle rubs in a small facility. By the second year, Myocyte had grown out of its current location and moved into a larger production facility to manage its growing customers and demand for its products.

In 2004 Myocyte rubs were being sold to doctors, clinics, health care professionals, and hospitals in Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. 2005, Myocte expanded to Gyms, Health Food Stores, Drug stores, and Grocery Stores. Over the next several years, Myocyte branched out, selling muscle rubs to high school sports teams, college sports, professional cycling, mountain biking, MMA fighting, Rodeos, martial arts studios, and AA and AAA baseball teams.

In 2021due to the high demand for a rub that not only helps with muscle and joint pain but would help relax the body and spirit. Muscle Relax has quickly become the most popular rub.

In 2022, James stepped away from the company due to health problems and his son Liam Kelly stepped in to carry on the family legacy.  

​Myocyte muscle rubs have been the choice of clinical professionals, Pro Athletes, and others like you for over 22 years. Our time-tested muscle rubs have been used by thousands to help ease discomfort, pain, and muscle aches. With our 4 different formulas, you will find a product that is right for you and your sport.

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